cool funny mage names

18. února 2013 v 23:38

cool funny mage names

cool funny mage names

Cool Mage Transmog Sets
Funny/Cool Tauren names help?.

I've exhausted all my usual names I like to use, and am looking for any good names that would suit a Mage. It can be lore based, derived from another language

best mage name? - Forums - World of.

Creative mage/wizard names? - Yahoo!.
Cool Female Mage Names Never cared much for multiple word names especially when they are spelled incorrectly. Makes you look like an idiot IMO.

Awesome names for Mage? -

05.09.2009 · Best Answer: I hope some of these help you out there are some good ones in there too i want to make another mage now lol Good luck to you i have a mage in
WoWInterface » General Discussion » > General WoW Chat I'm making a tauren and not sure what to name him / can you guys give me some I have 2 Tauren One
Awesome names for Mage? -

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